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The Iowa EdTech Collaborative is a network of internationally-known education companies, successful EdTech startups, academic and education stakeholders, and economic development leaders who are working collectively to grow human-centered K12 and lifelong learning in the State of Iowa. 


EdTech and Iowa

Educated. Innovative. Driven. This is Iowa.


What makes our great state, situated in the heart of the Silicon Prairie, a destination for EdTech? Our history, and our people.


With Iowa being home to ACT — founded in 1959 in Iowa City — and consistently ranking as one of the top states for both K-12 and Higher Education, our state has been a leader in the education field for decades. From assessing youth around the world, to educating some of our nation's best and brightest scientist, literary geniuses, educators, and more, we have left our mark, both in America's heartland and beyond. 


Our presence in the education field spans far beyond assessing and educating — many major education companies such as Kendall Hunt, McGraw-Hill Education, and Pearson call Iowa home. We also have seen notable EdTech startup activity, with an expanding base of EdTech entrepreneurial ventures, such as Pear Deck, Higher Learning Technologies, College Raptor, and more, successfully growing within Iowa.

Why Iowa?

Our Workforce

Our workforce, especially in terms of work ethic, is a distinct advantage. Iowans are educated, work hard, and are passionate about the work they do.

Companies in the EdTech field have consistently voiced that their employees in Iowa operations are a significant asset for their respective firms.

Over 3,100

employees at 28 sector companies in Iowa

$110.9 billion

the projected size of the global EdTech market by 20222

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