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Human-Centered Lifelong Learning


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The Iowa EdTech Collaborative is a network of internationally-known education companies, successful EdTech startups, academic and education stakeholders, and economic development leaders who are working collectively to grow human-centered lifelong learning in the State of Iowa. 


Together, we're building on Iowa's existing base of larger in-state companies and notable research-and-development assets at area universities to encourage technology advancements and create jobs in the thriving and dynamic EdTech sector.

The Iowa EdTech Collaborative has identified four focus areas that will help our state facilitate growth within the EdTech sector: collaboration facilitation and cluster networking, enhancing Iowa’s piloting and adoption environment, entrepreneurial ecosystem development and workforce development and access. By working collaboratively with the EdTech industry, academic, state, and education delivery stakeholders, our Collaborative sees the potential for a long-term impact as a result of investing in EdTech and facilitating its growth.



 “By developing an ecosystem that supports and nurtures innovative EdTech companies, Iowa can simultaneously grow our economy while improving the lives of millions of learners all across the world.”

Adam Keune

Co-Founder of Higher Learning Technologies

Strategies and Action
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You can learn more about the research completed and initiatives identified in the Executive Summary or Full Report.


Growing the EdTech sector in Iowa will require a strategic focus on connecting ecosystem organizations and companies, enhancing the piloting and demonstration environment for EdTech in the state, improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem and creating and encouraging workforce development activities.

Four primary strategic imperatives were developed for advancing EdTech sector growth in Iowa. These imperatives form the basis for four strategies and a series of associated actions.

Collaboration Facilitation and Cluster Networking

Piloting and Adoption Environment

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Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development

Workforce Development and Access



From mentoring EdTech startups, joining a workgroup, or becoming an investor in the initiative, there are a lot of ways to get involved in the Iowa EdTech Collaborative! To learn how you can get involved, fill out the form below. We'll get in touch shortly to discuss how we can get you connected.

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