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Our Vision


To cultivate a vibrant EdTech ecosystem that supports the launch and growth of companies working to transform the way people learn and enhance economic development.  


The Iowa EdTech Collaborative is building on Iowa's unrivaled record in education to grow a human-centered learning ecosystem that nurtures innovative EdTech companies, connects the brightest minds in education, technology, and entrepreneurship, and guides the future of learning


To be the catalyst for EdTech innovation that meets the needs of lifelong learners now and in the future.


The Iowa EdTech Collaborative works across Iowa in four practice areas – the pillars of EdTech advancement – that support our optimal future — entrepreneurship culture building, global thought leadership, sector community engagement, and workforce education.


Growing the EdTech sector in Iowa will require a strategic focus on connecting ecosystem organizations and companies, enhancing the piloting and demonstration environment for EdTech in the state, improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem and creating and encouraging workforce development activities.

Four primary strategic imperatives were developed for advancing EdTech sector growth in Iowa. These imperatives form the basis for four strategies and a series of associated actions.

Collaboration Facilitation and Cluster Networking

While Iowa has a good existing base of EdTech assets across companies and universities, the connectivity between the assets is relatively limited. The Iowa EdTech Collaborative will facilitate interactions between regional assets and will identify shared programs and projects, prioritize actions and address shared issues, and promote Iowa as a recognized hub for EdTech development and business operations.

Piloting and Adoption Environment

New educational technologies need to be tested with the target consumer, but access to students and educators can be a challenge. With extensive connections to educators, school districts, and Technology Integrationists in Iowa's K-12 system, the Iowa EdTech Collaborative will leverage our network to connect new, innovative technologies with targeted users.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development

With a burgeoning base of EdTech entrepreneurs, experienced EdTech executives, and a strong history of entrepreneurship in the state, Iowa is well on its way to building a strong EdTech entrepreneurial ecosystem that is recognized both in our state and beyond. 

Through the Iowa EdTech Collaborative, a network of entrepreneurs, mentors, established EdTech companies, and venture capitalists will work together to steer change, prioritize actions, address shared issues, and promote Iowa as a recognized destination for EdTech development and business operations.

Workforce Development and Access

As the EdTech industry grows in Iowa, so will the need for a high-quality talent pool. Iowa has already established efforts to develop talent and root it firmly in Iowa. The Iowa EdTech Collaborative will support development of our existing workforce and will explore new, innovative ways to attract and retain new talent in the field of education technology.

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