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Iowa Quality Seal of Approval

Schools and districts are challenged to find the right EdTech solutions that will work for them, while at the same time Iowa’s start-ups are ready to show that their products actually live up to their promises. But, efficacy research is often too expensive and time-consuming for many start-ups – and results in difficult to read reports that educators don’t find useful. 

The Iowa EdTech Collaborative has created the Iowa Quality Seal of Approval, a program that aims to recognize and endorse high-quality educational technology products and services that cater to the requirements of educators and students. 


This program helps educators and school administrators make an informed decision on what EdTech products and services to implement in the classroom by endorsing those that adhere to the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

Here’s how it works: 
  • An EdTech company submits their evidence and artifacts that support one claim about their product’s outcomes

  • An independent panel of experts from the University of Iowa review the material following a rubric inspired by the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council Seal of Approval

  • The Iowa EdTech Collaborative provides a final review, either awarding the seal to verify the claim or providing feedback to the start-up for what steps to take to improve their research or efficacy (Companies are invited to resubmit after making changes)

  • Start-ups can use the Iowa Quality Seal of Approval to differentiate their products and build trust with educators

  • Information about each Iowa Quality Seal of Approval recipient is also included in the Classroom of the Future, giving educators information that they can trust all in one place, making their investments in EdTech pay off for students


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