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Classroom of the Future

The Classroom of the Future broadens capacity for educators, students, community partners, and others to experience tomorrow’s technology now. The CotF is space to try out innovations in robotics, educational games, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 3-D models, digital campuses, and other areas.

New educational technologies need to be tested with the target consumer, but access to students and educators can be a challenge. With the CoTF, we’ve created a marketplace for ideas to be shared, tested, built upon, and scaled across Iowa.


With extensive connections to educators, school districts, and Technology Integrationists in Iowa's K-12 system, the Iowa EdTech Collaborative leverages our network to connect new, innovative technologies with targeted users through the Classroom of the Future.

Take It or Break It! Program

Take It or Break It! is a program where students can demo and test new and upcoming educational technologies in the Classroom of the Future. The program provides direct feedback on the technology's effectiveness, usability, and engagement level. Without testing by students, there may be issues with the technology that go unnoticed, resulting in a less effective learning experience. 

Students give actionable product feedback such as:

  • How do you feel using the product? 

  • What about the product needs to be fixed?

  • What subjects would this be a good fit for?

  • Would you recommend this to teachers?

Take It or Break It! is the first-ever experience to use the real-life demonstration laboratory setting, Classroom of the Future, to vet educational products.

The students value the experience.

Through collaborative learning environments, students build important interpersonal skills such as empathy, collaboration, and social skills needed for the future – as well as learn about how technology gets made in the real world.

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“The chance to use this product through a learning lens was super exciting. I could really see this being an engaging way for students to learn. Having past experience with VRs, it did come easy; but this technology is also very easy to pick up once given a little direction.” 

-Ava, Iowa High School Student

If your EdTech company is interested in participating in this program, contact our Director, Mark Butland at today.

  • Educators

  • Students

  • EdTech providers

  • Startups

  • Schools

  • Vet

  • Showcase your technologies + gain exposure

  • Pilot and beta test

  • Study efficacy

  • Market penetration

  • Flexible classroom space

  • Access to cutting-edge EdTech innovations

  • VR and eye-tracking technologies

  • Media creation

The Iowa EdTech Collaborative has launched the Classroom of the Future (CotF) with contributions from founding sponsors Pearson Education, the Iowa City Area Development, Riiid Labs, and the University of Iowa.

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