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The Agenda. Period: Harnessing the Power of Menstrual Cycles to Increase Business Productivity

Many women try to minimize, ignore or downplay their menstrual cycles. One company, The Agenda. Period, is trying to change that and help women acknowledge, manage, and even capitalize on their natural cycles in some surprising ways. The idea for The Agenda. Period first occurred when co-founder Alyx Coble-Frakes — who was at the time building her Health Coaching practice — started tracking her sales conversions. She noticed something unique: her sales conversions happened to be higher when she was ovulating. After noticing this synchronicity with her sales, Alyx sought to notice what else in her business changed depending on her cycle. The idea continued to develop and one day, when Alyx was meditating, the idea for an agenda that showed steps for syncing cycles with business activities popped in her mind. “After searching long and hard for a planner to help sync up my business tasks and menstrual phases, I realized that no such thing existed. From there, it was obvious — since nobody else had created a product like this, I was going to.” Alyx knew she didn’t want to start this endeavor alone, so she reached out to fellow Health Coach Sunny Sink, who has extensive knowledge and expertise working with women, fertility, and hormones. Sunny was 100% on board with the idea, and joined Alyx as a co-founder and COO of the Agenda. Period. How Does the Agenda. Period Help? The Agenda. Period isn’t just a planner. It’s a platform that helps women and girls understand and harness their unique cyclical patterns, and use that understanding to increase productivity and impact their lives and businesses. While the company first launched in 2019 with a physical planner, they quickly realized the need to incorporate an app into their product lineup. “Before the accelerator we had just decided to start building an app. This was a huge decision as we had no experience in technology or app development,” said Sink. With the help of the Iowa EdTech Accelerators participants, education professionals, and experienced EdTech mentors, The Agenda. Period has been able to receive direct feedback from customers and develop a deeper understanding of their product in order to build solutions that people actually want. What’s next for the Agenda. Period? “We are excited about the launch of our app later this year and will be seeking a full time Technical Advisor to support the continued growth of our company. Recently an awesome marketing team has joined our project and we are excited about how this will amplify our brand and take it to the next level. Beyond our app and marketing efforts we will be raising our next round of seed capital, and are thrilled to know that all these pieces will greatly serve to empower women in business,” said Coble-Frakes. Find out more about The Agenda. Period at their website. The Agenda. Period team is Alyx Coble-Frakes (CEO) and Sunny Sink (COO).

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