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NewBoCo Invests $300,000 In DeltaV Code School to Provide Free Classes and Tuition Help

The following article was originally published by Clay&Milk on May 13, 2020.

Cedar Rapids nonprofit NewBoCo is investing more than $300,000 into its DeltaV Code School in order to make its programs more easily accessible and affordable to Iowans.

Beginning immediately, all of DeltaV’s day-long virtual Code 101 classes will be offered free of charge to Iowa residents throughout the summer (previously, this class cost $100). DeltaV will also start offering these courses on weekdays for students who cannot attend the current Saturday classes.

DeltaV is offering one hundred Code 102 tuition awards to anyone in Iowa. This can be taken as a self-paced online course, or taught remotely by a live instructor. The next live class will be June 1-5 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. Each Code 102 tuition award is worth $1,000. While this tuition assistance does not require financial need, students must apply here to be granted an award.

Lastly, DeltaV is also offering ten full-ride tuition awards for low-income Iowans. This is for students who have completed Code 101 and 102 and wish to complete Code 201-401 from June 15th – October 30th, 2020. This financial assistance is worth $20,000 per student. The application for a low-income diversity tuition award can be here.

NewBoCo is also launching a video web series called “Talking in Code” that follows its current class through the day-to-day experience of the school. By sharing student stories, class challenges and more, this series allows potential students to see for themselves how the program works and whether it’s right for them. The first episode premiered May 7th and new episodes will be posted each Tuesday and Thursday on DeltaV’s website and social media pages.

“With the crisis our state is facing right now, we believe DeltaV could be a huge lifeline to people who are stuck at home and trying to figure out what their next career move should be,” said Eric Engelmann, Executive Director of NewBoCo in an announcement. “With these tuition awards, hopefully we can remove financial roadblocks and make a lucrative new career in software development accessible to more students than ever.”

DeltaV Code 101 courses are available for students of any experience level to learn more about building a website, what software development careers are like, and whether DeltaV Code 201-401 would be a good fit for them.

For the remainder of 2020, classes will continue to be held virtually. Once permitted, students near Cedar Rapids will have the option to attend in person, but students that wish to finish online will be able to do so.

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