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IEDA Board Approves Funding for School-Based Telehealth Services

Classroom Clinic, a startup EdTech company in Carroll, IA has obtained new resources to fuel their continued growth.

Bio::Neos, a custom software development company in Coralville, Iowa, is thrilled to be working as a technology partner with Classroom Clinic and playing a role in efforts to improve access to children’s mental health services for families living in rural communities. Our developers have assisted in designing a software platform that will bridge the gap between the typically compartmentalized resources in education and medicine. The system facilitates streamlined care coordination between schools and telehealth providers while giving students access to mental health resources within their convenient school locations. The platform will more efficiently and effectively help students in rural areas receive access to the care they need.

Classroom Clinic in Carroll utilizes technology to offer this innovative solution for rural mental health services, which in turn could improve academic achievement, higher graduation rates and advancement to post secondary education. The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) Board has approved innovation funding and awarded the company a $25,000 Proof of Commercial Relevance(POCR) loan for market analysis and IP development and evaluation.

This grant funding comes quickly on the heels of the acceptance of Classroom Clinic into the first cohort for the inaugural statewide Go-To-Market accelerator. This program, in conjunction with the grant funding, provides Classroom Clinic with access to resources that will enable continuation of the accelerated growth they have achieved this year.

Bio::Neos is pleased to be a part of helping create change in innovative ways so that students throughout Iowa can access the resources they need, including mental health resources, that will enable them to find success and thrive in their educational experience.

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