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EdTech Talk: Solving the K-12 Mental Health Crisis

Top left to bottom right: Dr. Mark Butland, Dr. Dan Clay, Amy Kahle, Sue Gehling, Dr. Glenn Albright, Kim Wieland

Our Moderator:

Dr. Mark Butland

Dr. Mark Butland is the director of the State of Iowa EdTech Collaborative, promoting the educational technology sector’s growth and success in Iowa. The collaborative provides statewide resources, mentors, funding options, efficacy assessment, and piloting opportunities across the state. Previously, Mark served as campus dean for Kirkwood Community College Iowa City, was elected Faculty Senate President at Austin Community College, and has held faculty and administrative duties and positions at 2- and 4-year colleges and universities. Mark has worked extensively with the Higher Education Research and Development Institute (HERDI), and currently serves on the advisory board for HERDI-South.

Our Panel:

Dr. Dan Clay

Dr. Dan Clay is currently professor and dean of the University of Iowa College of Education. Prior to this, Clay served as the dean of the University of Missouri College of Education since 2010. At the University of Missouri, he was also on the board of directors of the Missouri Innovation Center, a business incubator/accelerator. Though originally from Minnesota, Dan has deep roots in the local community. He served as a tenure-track faculty member in the UI College of Education’s counseling psychology program from 1997 to 2006.

Clay is a nationally recognized scholar and fellow of the American Educational Research Association and the American Psychological Association. He has authored the award-winning book Helping Schoolchildren with Chronic Health Conditions: A Practical Guide. His most recent research has focused on reintegrating children who have experienced chronic illness back into schools and communities.

Clay has pioneered the development of online K-12 curriculum to bring the highest quality K-12 curriculum to a global audience. He is a leader in the application of continuous quality improvement methods through implementation of Baldrige principles, which focus on organizational performance excellence. Clay was recognized in 2014 as a Leader of Change by The Network for Change and Continuous Innovation: Higher Education’s Network for Change Leadership.

Clay earned a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota; a Master of Arts in educational and counseling psychology from the University of Missouri; and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Missouri. He also received a higher education administration certificate through the Management Development Program at Harvard University and an MBA from the University of Missouri Trulaske College of Business.

Clay is also a successful entrepreneur involved in business start-ups inside and outside education. Dan, Welcome.

Amy Kahle

Amy Kahle has an MA in Student Development in Post-Secondary Education from the University of Iowa. She is currently the Director of Intervention Programs at United Action for Youth. Previously she worked as a Student and Family Advocate at City High School. Her focus was working with students with mental health concerns. She is part of a team that wrote a grant for and opened the Nestt, a mental health space at City High where students can go when they need a mental “reset” or are in crisis and learn skills to help navigate mental health challenges. Prior to City High, Amy was on the UI REACH team at the University of Iowa. She lives in Iowa City with her husband, Chris and has two children, a sophomore at Vassar and a sophomore at City High.

Sue Gehling

Sue Gehling is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner from Carroll. She is an experienced children’s mental health clinician and a tireless advocate for families living in rural communities. She is also the founder of Classroom Clinic, a school-based telehealth business providing rural school districts with timely and convenient access to children’s mental health services using telehealth and related technologies. Her vision is to improve children’s access to mental health care in rural Iowa by utilizing technology and integrating services into nontraditional places. She has been a champion of establishing cross-sector partnerships with educators, and a leader within the school-based telehealth movement here in Iowa.

Dr. Glenn Albright

Dr. Glenn Albright is a clinical psychologist and former chair of the Department of Psychology at Baruch College, CUNY. He is a Cofounder and Director of Research at Kognito where he supervises a research team that examines the efficacy of game-based virtual human role-play simulations designed to teach users how to effectively manage challenging health and mental health conversations that bring about sustained changes in attitudes and behaviors. His work has resulted in numerous publications that examined the impact of role-play simulations utilizing intelligent virtual humans in the areas of K12, higher education and healthcare. Dr. Albright’s hope is to support the use of this new and innovative learning modality to have a positive impact on the large numbers of geographically dispersed vulnerable populations who would benefit most from such training. Dr. Albright also volunteers at a horse rescue farm where he supervises an equine psychotherapy program for veterans with PTSD and their families. Glrnn is a leader in the field of immersive learning and behavioral health education, and we are glad to have his participation today. Glenn, Welcome

Kim Wieland

Kim Wieland serves as Product Lead for Kognito's education vertical, having previously served as Senior Client Experience Executive. Kim has had a diverse career across education, business, and non-profits, with a focus on helping communities build capacity to tackle challenges and seize opportunities at the local level. Kim graduated from Washington Adventist University with degrees in History and Secondary Education, and holds an MPH in Global Health from George Washington University. She is a former K12 teacher and has exceptional knowledge and experience with social emotional learning and interventions to promote SEL. Kim, Welcome.

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