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Dr. Donna Kidwell | Powering Portable Learner Records Panelist

Join the Iowa EdTech Collaborative and Riiid Labs for an EdTech Talk on Powering Portable Learner Records on Thursday, January 20th from 4:30–5:30pm. You may join us via Zoom or in-person for a watch party at MERGE in Iowa City, Iowa.

Dr. Donna Kidwell is the Chief Information Security and Digital Trust Officer at Arizona State University. In this role, Donna has stewardship of the portfolio of both internal and external facing technical and socio-technical elements reflecting the full breadth of the university’s digital infrastructure, as well as the ongoing need to educate the campus community. By further developing the concept of digital trust as it pertains to higher education, the role reflects ASU’s commitment to move the needle in learner agency and security.

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