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Alex Kaplan | Powering Portable Learner Records

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Join the Iowa EdTech Collaborative and Riiid Labs for an EdTech Talk on Powering Portable Learner Records on Thursday, January 20th from 4:30–5:30pm. You may join us via Zoom or in-person for a watch party at MERGE in Iowa City, Iowa.

Alex Kaplan leads IBM’s global work in digital credentials and is an executive in IBM’s blockchain and talent transformation organizations. His work focuses on the transition from physical to digital credentials, and the transition to a skills-based economy. The transition from physical to digital credentials will enable new and more efficient business processes in the areas of digital identity, health records, academic credentials, business licensure, vocational and professional licensure, etc. In addition, Alex is an expert in the transition to a skills-based economy and the creation of a learning and employment record infrastructure for the United States. He is the worldwide leader of the Learning Credential Network (LCN), a digital credentialing eco-system that enables a global skills platform. The LCN helps millions of people prove the value of skills they've earned through expanded education and career pathways and connects them with employment opportunities. Alex leads IBM’s work on the continuing development and go to market strategies for the IBM Digital Credentials platform.

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