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ACT Acquires ScootPad Personalized Adaptive Learning Platform

Online platform assists with learning in real time, both inside the classroom and at home.

ACT, the nonprofit learning, measurement and navigation organization, announced today it has acquired ScootPad™, a proven and highly-regarded personalized adaptive learning platform serving thousands of teachers, students and families, especially during this COVID-19 crisis.

“With so many millions of students forced to learn at home during this difficult time, they need an online platform that fully enables and personalizes the learning process to adapt to their own needs, and that’s what ScootPad provides,” said ACT CEO Marten Roorda. “This acquisition is truly a milestone for ACT’s learning vision and strategy, enabling us to help teachers and students in the classroom and at home with a cutting-edge platform that provides integrated measurement and learning pathways. ScootPad is a natural fit with ACT’s mission to help all learners succeed.”

ScootPad was created by Bharat Kumar and Maya Gadde in 2011 as a tool to detect and fill knowledge gaps for their own children. Since the company’s founding, it has grown rapidly. The program already serves thousands of schools around the world and is assisting hundreds of thousands of students across the K-8 continuum.

“We’re excited about this acquisition and the new chapter of growth and scale for ScootPad,” said Bharat Kumar, ScootPad co-founder and CEO. “ACT’s mission is very closely aligned with our own—we both are committed to helping students succeed. We are truly thrilled to be passing this torch to ACT.”

ACT’s acquisition includes the ScootPad company and three of its core products:

  • ScootPad™, a leading adaptive classroom learning solution for kindergarten through grade 8 math and English language arts.

  • SimplyAdaptive™, an adaptive at-home solution for kindergarten through grade 5 math and English language arts, with a mastery-based learning program that includes complete curriculum aligned to standards, reporting for parents and teachers, and access to all, so families and entire classrooms of students can benefit.

  • edNexus™, an adaptive learning platform that powers ScootPad and SimplyAdaptive with application programming interfaces (APIs), an adaptive learning engine, learning and measurement content, data and insights.

ScootPad provides one of the world’s most comprehensive adaptive curricula with more than a thousand standards and textbook-aligned learning paths. The platform is teacher- and classroom-focused, integrating in-class and formative assessments with adaptive learning pathways and content.

The platform provides teachers with information they can use to guide student progress toward mastery of academic skills. It automatically detects knowledge gaps in real-time to help each student focus on exactly what they need to move ahead with the right level of instruction, practice, measurement and remediation. Data are accessed through a user-friendly dashboard and leveraged to inform teaching and learning.

ScootPad also benefits students, delivering real-time, personalized learning experiences by harnessing artificial intelligence and adaptive learning science techniques. It brings a robust bank of more than 60,000 standards-aligned content items that are leveraged during the learning experience.

The platform has become increasingly helpful to educators in the wake of the COVID-19 disruption, with school closings forcing so many teachers and students to migrate to online learning. To help more K-8 schools with their distance learning efforts during this pandemic crisis, free access to ScootPad is being offered to new customers and complementary expanded subscriptions are being offered to current clients.

ScootPad is now part of ACT’s Learning Division portfolio of nearly 360,000 standards-aligned learning resources from the best open educational resources (OER) providers through ACT’s iCurio® and Mawi™ Learning social and emotional learning. One of the highest goals of the division is to transform classroom and at-home learning through personalized mastery, just-in-time remediation and seamless measurement of student growth.

ScootPad’s solutions complement and contribute to the portfolio in key ways:

  • A shared mission with ACT to equip teachers with the very best resources they deserve that help all students succeed.

  • Cutting-edge and simple-to-use platforms, standards-aligned content and integrated learning solutions designed with teachers, students and their families in mind.

  • Real-time adaptability to meet students exactly where they are with the right level of practice, instruction, measurement and real-time remediation to ensure they master every concept at their pace.

The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

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