Iowa's first EdTech Accelerator


The Iowa EdTech Accelerator is an intensive, highly focused 14-week program aimed at early stage (pre- or early-revenue) companies. Startups must be located in Iowa. Applications will open in June and the accelerator will begin in September.

The Accelerator is a collaboration between regional business resources and education industry leaders, including Iowa City Area Development Group, The University of Iowa, Higher Learning Technologies, ACT, and NewBoCo, along with the Iowa Economic Development Authority.


The program is a full-time commitment, requiring attendance during orientation week (March 2-7) and thereafter on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for scheduled sessions. On the other days each week, you’re working on your business priorities as needed.

The Perks

If accepted to Iowa EdTech Accelerator, you’ll receive:

  • Seed Capital: Seed capital for pre-revenue companies: $25k in initial capital and potentially an additional $75k if milestones are met; for revenue-generating companies, negotiable terms for capital from $25k to $1 million

  • Coaching: Weekly sessions with experienced entrepreneurial leaders;

  • Education: Workshops on everything from budgeting & financial modeling, sales & marketing; raising capital, and more;

  • Mentoring: Access to an extensive mentor pool of experienced founders and industry experts;

  • $1 million worth of software and other perks: including AWS and Google Cloud credits, massive discounts on CRM systems like Hubspot and Pipedrive, payroll software like Gusto, email systems like Sendgrid and payment processing via Stripe;

  • Technical services: Hardware prototyping support in our labs and software prototyping support.

The Mentors

  • Adam Keune, Higher Learning Technologies

  • Ada Woo, ACT

  • Michal Eynon-Lynch, Pear Deck

  • Riley Eynon-Lynch, Pear Deck

  • Shanti Elangovan, inquirED


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